Dementia patients in Sussex could be fitted with trackers

Dementia patients in Sussex could be fitted with trackers

People living with dementia in Sussex could be fitted with GPs tracking devices so that they can easily be found if they get lost or go missing.

Police in the county are launching the scheme with the hope of saving thousands of pounds in call-out costs.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the tracking devices will be fitted around a patient's neck or clipped to a belt. They will feature a button which allows the wearer to speak to a call centre 24 hours a day and their family will be able to track their movements using an online system.

Sergeant Suzie Mitchell from Sussex Police said: "It is heartbreaking to see the torment that their families are put through — and to see the impact it has on the person with dementia when they are found.

"We are really excited about our involvement in this project and the difference this could make to local people."

The move has been criticised in some quarters, though. The head of adult services at East Sussex council said the devices could make wearers feel like criminals and is set to launch an investigation to the subject.

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