Dementia patients 'are able to make daily decisions'

Dementia patients 'are able to make daily decisions'

People with dementia are still able to make day-to-day decisions, as long as they have support, research has shown.

Scientists studied how married couples living with dementia made daily decisions in a two-year research project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.

It was discovered that, with the help of their spouse, individuals with dementia still played a role in making decisions such as what to wear or eat, who manages the finances and whether to go to a day centre.

Gender played an important role in decision making as if men had always led, they tended to do so after a dementia diagnosis.

Bradford University's Dr Geraldine Boyle commented that it is "important" for dementia patients to have the support which allows them to continue making decisions while they are still able to.

"Having dementia doesn't mean you automatically lose your decision-making ability - this needs to be considered on a decision-by-decision basis. Professionals need to facilitate the involvement of people with dementia in decision-making as much as possible," she said.

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