Dementia linked to heart disease

Dementia linked to heart disease

Heart disease may be a factor in the development of certain types of dementia, according to latest research.

Scientists at the Mayo Clinic in the US have discovered a link between cognitive decline and instances of heart disease in their investigation, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Neurology.

The team believes this may be because the disease affects the health of blood vessels all over the body and those responsible for blood flow to the brain may become blocked.

Dr Rosebud Roberts, who led the research, said: "Prevention and management of cardiac disease and vascular risk factors are likely to reduce the risk."

According to the team's results, the types of dementia linked to heart disease do not include those that result in memory loss, such as Alzheimer's.

Instead, these dementias prevent problem solving and cause patients to develop issues with language and judgement.

Perhaps surprisingly, the results of the study appear to indicate that women are three times more likely to be at risk of dementia if they have heart disease.

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