Dementia films launched by Mental Health Foundation

Dementia films launched by Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation has launched two films showing older adults who have been diagnosed with dementia.

They show individuals who are involved in activities and groups aimed at influencing the attitudes, services and policies that affect their lives.

Head of development and later life for the Mental Health Foundation Toby Williamson stated organisations such as Innovations in Dementia and the Alzheimer's Society have contributed to the scheme, which is funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

"People with dementia might not be building the barricades quite yet but they are certainly becoming more organised at challenging obstacles put in their path that prevent them from getting the services they need," he said.

Mr Williamson added that the Mental Health Foundation hopes the films encourage many more people diagnosed with dementia to get involved and take more control over their lives.

Professor Clive Ballard, research director of the Alzheimer's Society, recently said exercise is one of the best ways to keep dementia at bay.

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