Dementia to create 'housing crisis' in UK

Dementia to create 'housing crisis' in UK

With over one million people in the UK expected to develop dementia by 2025, it would appear that the country could be on the brink of a health and social care crisis.

An aging population demands a greater provision of adequate housing and care facilities for older adults, which Britain is currently lacking.

Currently 750,000 people are living with dementia in the country, with approximately two-thirds living in the community. However, how to support patients and give them independence is "under-researched".

This is the opinion of Sally-Marie Bamford, assistant director of research strategy at ILC-UK, writing in the Guardian.

Making homes "dementia-friendly" and ensuring that people have access to the level of care they need is essential to securing a sustainable health and social care policy for the future, which won't overwhelm primary services.

What's more, home care is a relatively cheap alternative to residential homes in certain situations, estimated at £91 per week compared to approximately £500.

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