Dementia charity takes researchers on the road

Dementia charity takes researchers on the road

A leading dementia charity is to host a series of public events across the UK to raise awareness of the group's funded research.

The Alzheimer's Society currently has more than £6 million invested in dementia research and wants to let public see exactly how donations are spent in the fight against dementia.

Starting in November, open events will take place in London, Newcastle, Wrexham, Belfast, Bristol and Southampton, up until April nest year.

The charity's head of research Dr Susanne Sorensen is encouraging anyone interested in dementia research to come along.

"You can hear a progress report directly from a researcher and find out more about how you could become involved in selecting and monitoring the research that we fund," she explained.

The latest research from the Alzheimer's Research Trust suggests that there are around 820,000 people in the UK who are living with one form of dementia or another.

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