Dementia: Birth of children happiest memory

Dementia: Birth of children happiest memory

When dementia strikes the main concern of patients is losing those important and treasured memories that make up their life.

According to a new YouGov survey, the happiest recollection people have is the birth of their children or grandchildren.

Some 26 per cent of people polled claim welcoming a new child into their family is their greatest memory.

This was closely followed by falling in love, with 23 per cent claiming that finding their partner was the thing they cherish most.

Gerry Anderson, an 83-year-old with dementia who has launched a charity Memory Walk, stated: "I was upset when I found out I had dementia but I try to stay positive and enjoy every day.

"My dementia hasn't just affected me; it's affected my friends and family too."

For Brits worried about losing their memories, keeping a journal could be one way to record the key moments of your life.

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