David Cameron defends controversial NHS reforms

David Cameron defends controversial NHS reforms

David Cameron has responded to criticisms of the health and social care bill today.

Speaking on ITV 1breakfast programme Daybreak, the prime minister acknowledged that while many healthcare professionals are "wary" about the proposals, the bill will bring "greater choice for patients" when making their healthcare decisions.

Mr Cameron stated that healthcare professionals were getting on board with the plans and that the reforms were the right thing for the NHS.

The health and social care bill was introduced into parliament on the January 19th and is thought of as critical by the government in ensuring that the NHS is built around patients and delivers world class care.

Provisions aim to strengthen the commissioning of NHS services, increase accountability, liberate provision of NHS services, strengthen public health services, and reform health and care providers.

Under these provisions, an independent NHS Board will be created to allocate resources and provide guidance and GPs will have increasing powers to commission services on behalf of their patients.

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