Dairy products 'may not increase heart risk'

Dairy products 'may not increase heart risk'

Consuming dairy products may not actually increase heart attack risk, according to a new study, meaning that those using home care could be safe to eat butter and cheese.

While dairy products contain high amounts of saturated fat, a study in Costa Rica found that level of dairy consumption had no association with risk of heart attack, according to research published online in journal Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases.

Authors do not suggest the fats in dairy products are harmless, but say that other nutrients in such foods could be protective against heart disease.

Co-author Ana Baylin explained: "The message is that it is important to look at the net effect of whole foods and dietary patterns and not only isolated nutrients."

This follows research by a Texas A&M University team which revealed that LDL cholesterol or 'bad cholesterol' increased the amount of muscle mass gained after exercise.

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