Cures are 'on the cards' for MS in coming months

Cures are 'on the cards' for MS in coming months

A man who has multiple sclerosis (MS) firmly believes that a cure for his condition is going to reach the market sooner rather than later.

According to Thomas Bullock in an interview with BusinessWeek, treatments are much better now than they ever were, with the former automotive worker from Ontario outlining his past treatments.

He originally spent two years on Bayer's Betaseron, an injectable drug which suppresses a hyperactive immune system, though this caused him to have constant flu-like symptoms and numbness in his limbs.

Severe nerve damage followed but he soon moved to the Novartis treatment Fingolimod, and his MS has not flared up, with Mr Bullock adding: "This is the best shape I've been in for years."

BusinessWeek revealed that ten treatments for MS are in late-stage development and a further two dozen in early-stage research, with a large number of doctors believing that therapy for the illness is at a turning point.

The UK is currently home to 100,000 people who have MS, while Scotland has the highest rate of MS per head of population in the world.

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