CT scan 'can improve stroke diagnosis'

CT scan 'can improve stroke diagnosis'

Scientists at the Louis Pradel Hospital in Bron, France, have claimed that undergoing a computed tomography (CT) scan can dramatically improve standards of care for some stroke patients.

According to an article published in the latest issue of the Radiology journal, a CT scan can help to pinpoint exactly when a stroke occurred.

This, in turn, helps doctors to work out an effective treatment programme to reduce the damage done to the brain, as different drug treatments are more effective at different times.

Lead author Dr Loic Boussel said that using this technique is much quicker and more accurate than the current procedure employed in hospitals.

"Moreover, because it is quick, the exam is well tolerated, which is critical in acute stroke patients who may be unstable and agitated," he added.

Data from the Stroke Association suggests that one person in the UK experiences a stroke every five minutes, equating to more than 150,000 cases every year.

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