Creative fundraising for Alzheimer's charity

Creative fundraising for Alzheimer's charity

A fundraiser has come up with a unique way to raise money for Alzheimer's Society.

Leah Cox has quit her office job and set herself a challenge of earning £30 per day by completing as many different tasks as possible throughout the month of February.

That figure is her survival limit, but anything over the amount will be donated to the charity.

One of the rules of the challenge is that Ms Cox cannot undertake the same task twice, but she created a website listing her skills to potential employers.

She is fluent in French and qualified to teach English as a foreign language, as well as being "an awesome baker" and someone who "loves to clean".

"I chose the Alzheimer's Society because my grandma was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's several years ago, after my granddad passed away. She lost the years in which she should have been enjoying her retirement," Ms Cox explained.

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