Creating Barchester's newest independent hospital

Creating Barchester's newest independent hospital

Work has begun at Barchester Healthcare's Arbour Court care home in Stockport to transform a wing of the care facility in to a new independent hospital.

The new 13 bed hospital will provide nursing care for people with complex mental health needs, including dementia care, in a high quality environment that Barchester is known for.

In addition, the hospital will cater for the patients' well-being by using various therapeutic activities, including behavioural therapy and counselling.

Richard Hardman, Director of Service Development & Hospitals at Barchester Healthcare said: "Our staff are committed to delivering person-centred care and creating a valued lifestyle for the people who live with us.

"Because of this, we are very pleased that we can meet the demand for high quality nursing care and support for people with mental health needs here in Stockport, and we look forward to completion of our newest facility."

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