Could your neighbourhood be harming your health?

Could your neighbourhood be harming your health?

Where you live could be having a negative effect on both your physical and mental health, according to a recent study.

Researchers at the University of Chicago found that moving from a high-poverty to a low-poverty neighbourhood can produce positive health outcomes for low-income adults.

A substantial increase in happiness, despite no improvements to economic self-sufficiency, was also observed.

The difference became noticeable when individuals moved to an area with a 13 percentage point lower poverty rate.

Scientists made the discovery using data from a large-scale randomised social experiment and found income segregation had a greater impact than racial segregation on health.

Although based in the US, the findings have implications for the UK and could help policy makers understand how poverty shapes both physical and mental health.

This could lead to targeted interventions to ensure that poorer factions of society are not placed at a health disadvantage.

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