Could turmeric-based drug help to treat Alzheimer's?

Could turmeric-based drug help to treat Alzheimer's?

A turmeric-based drug has been found to be effective in prolonging the life and enhancing the activity of fruit flies with nervous disorders similar to Alzheimer's disease.

Researchers at Linkoping University suspect the substance curcumin could also help to combat symptoms of Alzheimer's in humans with further development.

Fruit flies were found to live up to 75 per cent longer when given curcumin and maintained their mobility for longer.

However, a decrease of amyloid in the brain and eyes was not observed.

The findings indicate that it is in fact the initial stages of fibril formation and fragments of the amyloid fibrils that are most toxic to neurons.

However, this is not the first study to investigate curcumin as a possible drug candidate for Alzheimer's.

A study has previously asserted that when the substance was administered in conjuction with vitamin D it could stimulate the immune system to clear amyloid beta.                                                         

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