Could a new drug protect against TBI?

Could a new drug protect against TBI?

A new drug is showing promising results in its ability to protect against the effects of traumatic brain injury (TBI).

In an animal study it was found that a drug called clazosentan limited the damage of TBI in rats.

Clazosentan works by blocking the receptors in the brain that restrict blood flow as early as four hours after brain injury.

By administering the drug through an intravenous line at several different intervals after the injury, researchers managed to limit the effects of TBI on blood flow to the hippocampus by 25 per cent at four hours and 23 per cent at 48 hours.

If successful in clinical trials, the treatment could prove vital for patients with the condition and its associated effects.

The study follows the discovery that TBI is closely linked to post-traumatic stress disorder in patients.

In an animal study to separate physical and emotional traumas, it was found that rats with TBI were more vulnerable to feelings of post-traumatic stress than those without it.

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