Could a nasal spray fight Alzheimer's?

Could a nasal spray fight Alzheimer's?

Scientists are working on a nasal spray that could help to tackle memory loss. 

A group of individuals with mild cognitive impairment - which can often lead to dementia - are trialling the insulin spray as part of a study by Wake Forest University medical school in the US.

Experts believe that brain cells need insulin to survive and, without it, damage could take place.

The spray is used after breakfast and dinner because this is when the body is thought to consume the most amount of insulin.

Researchers will examine the brains of the participants once the year-long trial has ended to see if it has made a discernible difference.

"Information gained from the study has the potential to move nasal insulin forward rapidly as a therapy for Alzheimer’s disease," the scientists are quoted by the Daily Mail as saying. 

This trial is interesting because poorly-controlled diabetes is linked to an increased risk of developing the degenerative condition. 

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