Could growth hormone therapy increase stroke risk?

Could growth hormone therapy increase stroke risk?

Children who receive growth hormone therapy (GHT) could find themselves at a heightened risk of developing a stroke in later life.

A new study from Paris Descartes University reveals that while the risk is still low, this should be still be highlighted in light of the fact that GHT is also used by some for body building and to enhance athletic performance, Reuters reports. 

Researchers looked at data from 6,874 children who received the drug and followed up 17 years later. It transpired 11 had experienced a stroke and while this may seem low, it was 7.5 times more than those who hadn't had GHT. 

While Dr Amelie Poidvin and her team do not know why the likelihood of stroke is heightened, they believe the drug brings about changes in the arteries and how well they function. 

The full findings of this research can be viewed in the journal Neurology. 

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