Could eating noodles increase stroke risk?

Could eating noodles increase stroke risk?

Individuals who eat noodles could find themselves at an increased likelihood of developing a stroke. 

Researchers in the US discovered those who ate this processed food two or three times a week had a heightened risk of cardiometabolic syndrome. This raises the chance of developing other conditions such as stroke. 

It transpired women were more likely to be susceptible to this, but it was noted this could be on account of the fact they tended to report what they ate in comparison to their male counterparts. 

These findings focused primarily on South Korea, as this nation is believed to consume the highest quantity of noodles. 

Dr Hyun Joon Shin, who led the research, said these findings were "significant" as many people may be eating instant noodles but unaware of the potential health risks attached. 

"My hope is that this study can lay a foundation for future research about the health effects of instant noodle consumption," he commented. 

It is thought the ramifications of this could be sizeable, especially if individuals choose to alter their diets as a result. 

This research is available to view in the journal Nutrition. 

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