Could a 'designer protein' fight dementia?

Could a 'designer protein' fight dementia?

Scientists at the University of Leicester believe they may have made a breakthrough in the fight against dementia.

Experts have created a synthetic amino acid and a so-called designer protein that could pave the way for new treatments for this form of cognitive decline.

Amino acids are known as the building blocks of the body and this research means it's easier to make them. 

"We now have access to new building blocks to develop innovative new protein drugs for the treatment of disease," lead scientist Dr Andrew Jamieson said. 

The quest to find effective treatments for dementia has been largely unsuccessful as of late, so it is hoped this new step could bring about real hope for those with the condition. Scientists believe having access to these new building blocks could be the first step in creating a new strategy. 

Dr Jamieson commented that this breakthrough took numerous years of hard graft and will open up a new realm of possibilities for scientists in this field. 

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