Could arthritis be predicted at an earlier juncture?

Could arthritis be predicted at an earlier juncture?

While arthritis is an incurable condition, if caught at an early juncture it can be properly controlled and the onset of more severe symptoms could be prolonged.

A new study has made positive steps in the endeavour to identify the autoimmune condition before it truly takes hold.

Researchers at the University of Missouri's Comparative Orthopaedic Laboratory claim that a new biomarker test can predict arthritis at a much earlier stage than is currently possible.

The team have developed a test that runs off a single drop of fluid from a patient's joint, obtained via a needle similar to that used to draw blood.

James Cook, who co-led the study, commented: "With this biomarker test, we can study the levels of specific proteins that we now know are associated with osteoarthritis."

What's more, the test will give new insight into the early stages of arthritis to help doctors develop better treatments in the future.

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