Coronation Street actress home after stroke

Coronation Street actress home after stroke

Jean Alexander has returned to her house, following a recovery from stroke.

The actress, who played Hilda Ogden in Coronation Street, was rushed to Southport Hospital from her Merseyside home in June. She experienced a stroke and has been recuperating ever since.

After this, she was moved to a specialist care home, but has recently gone back to her house and insisted "there is life in the old dog yet", the Daily Mirror reports. 

"I am back home where I am happy, fit and well after that little hiccup. I am getting on with life as normal," the 88-year-old actress said. 

Ms Alexander added how she was enjoying life with family and friends and told journalists she was just off to do her weekly shop. 

Furthermore, she revealed she had developed osteoporosis, which had made her shrink four inches.

Ms Alexander left the cobbles in 1987, having played Hilda for 23 years, and then retired from acting in 2012. 

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