Cooling the brain 'aids stroke recovery'

Cooling the brain 'aids stroke recovery'

Chances of a good recovery following a stroke could be greatly improved by cooling down the brain, doctors have said.

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh believe hypothermia could lessen the brain damage seen as a result of a stroke.

The process involves lowering the body temperature of patients to around 35 degrees C by way of ice cold intravenous drips and cooling pads.

Study leader Professor Dr Stefan Schwab told the BBC that the benefits of avoiding death from strokes means the procedure would pay for itself within a year.

Dr Malcolm Macleod of the University of Edinburgh told the news source: "Our estimates are that hypothermia might improve the outcome for more than 40,000 Europeans every year." 

This comes after scientists at the University of California, San Diego, found that people using HIV medication could be at a higher risk of stroke, than those who are not.

Researchers discovered that although the overall stroke rate in the US has decreased, the incidence has actually risen among those with HIV.

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