Controlling diabetes linked to lower risk of cancers and death

Controlling diabetes linked to lower risk of cancers and death

Individuals who avoid or control diabetes could be at a lower risk of cancer, research has indicated, meaning they are less likely to require home care.

Scientists at the National Cancer Institute found that while diabetes is linked to a lower incidence of prostate cancer in men, it is also associated to a higher risk of other cancers in both men and women.

Diabetes was found to be associated with an eight per cent increased risk of cancer in women and but a four per cent lesser chance in men.

Additionally, the condition was linked to an 11 per cent increased chance of mortality in women and a 17 per cent higher risk in men.

Gabriel Lai from the institute said: "There are myriad benefits from avoiding diabetes through exercise, diet and maintaining a healthy body weight. Our study confirms additional benefits in the form of reduced morbidity and mortality from certain cancers."

This comes after a study led by Massachusetts General Hospital found that the onset of type 2 diabetes could be predicted more than a decade before symptoms first appear, which could improve treatment options and allow patients to be more proactive in their efforts to stave off the condition.

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