Concerns over the state of Parkinson's care in the UK

Concerns over the state of Parkinson's care in the UK

A new report released by the Public Accounts Committee has highlighted the areas where neurology services could be improved across England.

According to Parkinson's UK, it shows how people with neurological conditions are being let down.

The 'Services to people with neurological conditions: progress review' report found that there are significant disparities in outcomes for people living with illnesses like Parkinson's, while it also highlights the additional costs that are placed on the NHS as a result of poor care.

Quality treatment and having access to a wide range of services is essential for people with any neurological condition, but especially for those with Parkinson's disease. The charity says that the level of support available to people should not be dictated by where a person lives, but, at the moment, this is often the case.

Diagnosis and treatment depends on how each local area arranges its neurology services, Parkinson's UK said.

Steve Ford, chief executive at the charity, commented: "We hear time and again from people with Parkinson's that their experience of care varies hugely across the country.

"In 2012/13 people with Parkinson's spent over 128,000 excess days in hospital at a cost of more than £20 million to NHS England."

He said providing the right care at the best time has the potential to radically improve services for people with Parkinson's, while also making the most of NHS funds and saving the health service money.

This highlights the importance of finding care homes that specialise in elderly care, allowing them to deliver the highest standard of service to residents.

At the start of this year, NHS England announced that it would be removing the National Clinical Director for Adult Neurology post. However, Parkinson's UK believes this will have a detrimental impact on services within the NHS.

The charity highlighted the importance of the responses it had received from its national audit and survey, saying it would help ensure that people with Parkinson's get access to high-quality services at the right time.

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