Computers could predict a cancer patient's needs

Computers could predict a cancer patient's needs

The diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients could soon be dictated by computers.

It might sound like something from a science fiction film, but plans are underway for scheme in which doctors would use computers to determine what level of treatment a person should receive.

Recently researchers found that computer models are more able to accurately predict how cancer patients will react to treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy than doctors.

The Independent reports that scientists at the Maastricht University Medical Hospital in the Netherlands imputed data which was able to predict how patients would do over a period of two years.

Dr Cary Oberije said: "We have shown that current models already outperform doctors.

"Therefore, this study can be used as a strong argument in favour of using prediction models and changing currently clinical practice."

She added that while a number of factors determine the level of care a person needs, she doubts a real doctor could outperform the computer model that has been developed.