Computerised cap can spot a stroke

Computerised cap can spot a stroke

Scientists in Israel have developed a computerised cap which monitors blood flow and can determine if someone is about to have a stroke.

The cap also sounds an alarm if it detects that a blood clot is forming on the brain.

Developers says that the device will mainly be aimed at people who have already had a stroke and are at risk of suffering another one.

Every day in the UK around 200 people die as a result of a stroke, with many suffering them while sleeping, meaning their condition is not noticed until the morning.

This device can be fitted to a person when they go to bed at night and act as a warning system.

Dr Clare Walton, research communications officer at the Stroke Association, told the Daily Mail: "If it is shown to work in clinical trials, it has the potential to be used by patients that are known to be at high risk of stroke, so they can go to hospital immediately."

The cap is still in the prototype stage and more tests are being carried out.

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