Computer games 'aid stroke recovery'

Computer games 'aid stroke recovery'

Playing computer games could help people to recover from a stroke, research has shown.

Computer games have been found to speed up and improve the recovery from stroke, according to research published in the Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation.

Specifically, games Plasma Pong and Hammer Task were seen to better hand/arm coordination, accuracy and speed, while Virtual Piano and Hummingbird Hunt simulations improved precision of grip and individual finger motion.

Around 80 to 90 per cent of stroke patients still have issues with their hand and arm movement six months after the event.

Researcher Dr Alma Merians said: "Patients who played these games showed an average improvement in their standard clinical scores of 20-22 per cent over the eight days. These results show that computer games could be an important tool in the recovery of paralysed limbs after stroke."

In other news, investigators at Children's Hospital Boston revealed a two-pronged molecular therapy which they believe could lead to the improved recovery of skilled motor function in stroke patients.

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