Compassionate care needed in UK hospitals

Compassionate care needed in UK hospitals

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has called for steps to be taken to offer more compassionate care to older adults in UK hospitals.

In a report summarising the findings of 100 unannounced inspections of NHS acute hospitals, the CQC concluded that more needed to be done to ensure that the needs of older patients were being met.

Dame Jo Williams, chair of CQC, stated: "Care professionals need to strike the right balance between ensuring that people get the care they need in a safe way [...] while not prioritising processes over people.

"Often, what is needed is kindness and compassion...which cost nothing," she continued.

A spokesperson for the Stroke Association, Nikki Hill, has called the findings worrying.

Three-quarters of all strokes occur in people over 65 and they are reliant upon acute hospital care for their immediate treatment.

It is hoped that the CQC report will inspire a revision of care for older patients in acute UK hospitals, which will lead to more considerate services.

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