Company to sell snow on eBay for Alzheimer's Society

Company to sell snow on eBay for Alzheimer's Society

Two men who operate the One Planet mountain biking centre at Coed Llandegla - 11,000 feet above sea level near Wrexham, north Wales - are to sell snow as part of an effort to raise cash for the Alzheimer's Society.

Ian and Jim Gaffney have been under snow and unable to open since December 20th 2009, and have decided to use their brains and sense of humour by offering the cold commodity through an auction on eBay.

Their eBay advert noted that "1 x car park worth of snow" is available, from which the "world's biggest snowman" could be built, though they will not be able to provide coal or a carrot to assist with this venture.

It continued: "The snow is being stored at Coed Llandegla. We are selling the snow as we no longer have room to store it. There is no reserve on this item - but we must stress that payment will be cash on collection, no delivery offered."

The charity actively encourages people to donate to the Alzheimer's Society through the website, where people can contribute ten to 100 per cent of all sales.

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