Colchester man shows gratitude after stroke recovery

Colchester man shows gratitude after stroke recovery

A man who made a full recovery following a stroke has enlisted his colleagues to help support the hospital that cared for him.

Rodney Partington, 66, is a member and former president of Rotary Club of Colchester, and was treated after his stroke at Colchester General Hospital, according to the Daily Gazette.

Mr Partington was one of the first in the area to benefit from new clot-busting drugs, and went on to make a full recovery.

Now his colleagues at the Rotary Club have raised £1,000 and bought specialist equipment for the staff at the hospital.

"We plan to use this equipment to teach people about recognising a stroke and the importance of acting fast and dialling 999 if they experience the sudden symptoms of stroke," nurse consultant Moira Keating told the publication.

Someone in the UK has a stroke every five minutes, equating to more than 150,000 cases each year, according to the Stroke Association.

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