Cognitive decline associated with vascular risk

Cognitive decline associated with vascular risk

People who have vascular risk factors have a greater chance of experiencing cognitive decline, according to a recent study.

Some 30,000 of people aged 45 and older in the US have been monitored to track their risk of stroke and cognitive health.

Evidence has shows that while stroke increases the risk of cognitive decline, people who have not had a stroke are still in danger if they have vascular risk factors.

Commenting on the research, the Alzheimer's Society stated: "High blood pressure narrows the blood vessels making it harder for blood to reach the brain which restricts oxygen and kills brain cells.

"This study adds weight to the fact that high blood pressure must be treated early."

A 2009 study at the University of Alabama revealed that high blood pressure is linked to memory problems in people over 45.

Researchers found that patients with high diastolic blood pressure were more likely to have cognitive impairment than people with normal diastolic readings.

For every ten point increase in the reading, the chances of a patient developing cognitive problems were seven per cent higher.

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