Clothing line for children with autism launched

Clothing line for children with autism launched

A fashion designer has created a new line of clothes tailored for children with sensory disorders and other conditions such as autism.

Cotton Kids, which is the brainchild of 24-year-old fashion graduate Natasha Singh, includes clothing with flat felled seams, organic cotton and natural dye, the Abbotsford Times reports.

They are specially designed for young people who are sensitive to the inside seams of clothing, which can cause discomfort and bring out a rash.

"The clothing has patchwork details and flat seams, things like that," Ms Singh, who did research into Asperger's syndrome during her time at university, told the newspaper.

She added: "I acted as if I had a child with Asperger's ... or anything with the nervous system."

It follows reports in the Long Beach Press-Telegram that a new campus in Long Beach, California aims to bridge the educational gap between people with autism and those without the condition.

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