Clinical trial launched for Alzheimer's treatment

Clinical trial launched for Alzheimer's treatment

Clinical trials to determine the efficacy of a new treatment for Alzheimer's disease have been announced by TauRX Therapies.

The company has revealed that it is to conduct two phase three clinical trials testing drug treatments to halt the progression of mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease.

TauRX Therapies is aiming to establish whether a drug called LMTX is able to prevent the protein Tau from forming tangles, which is a commonly known cause of Alzheimer's disease.

"Investigating drug treatments that have the potential to stop these tau tangles occurring is an interesting research avenue to explore," said research officer for Alzheimer's UK Jessica Smith.

She added it is encouraging to see companies are still making investments in Alzheimer's research.

According to data from Alzheimer's UK, there are currently 800,000 people living with dementia in the UK and one in six people aged over 80 are affected by the condition.

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