Cholesterol may have cancer benefits

Cholesterol may have cancer benefits

When talking about cholesterol most people instantly think about cardiovascular related complications and obesity.

However, a new study in the Journal of Biological Chemistry claims that it may be able to slow or stop cancer cell growth.

When monitoring how cholesterol moved around inside fat cells, researchers from Simon Fraser University found that the cholesterol-binding protein ORP may be able to control cell growth in A Detour for Yeast Oxysterol Binding Proteins.

The conclusion was made when it was found that ORPs are not implicated in the movement of cholesterol around cells but are key in binding PI4P, which accelerates the cell growth that causes cancer.

Cholesterol was actually found to prevent ORPs from binding and thus stops cancerous cells from surviving and spreading.

Co-author of the study Chris Beh commented: "This means gaining a better understanding of the true purpose of cholesterol-binding within cells could be important in cancer treatment."

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