Chocolate can lower stroke risk, study suggests

Chocolate can lower stroke risk, study suggests

According to researchers at Glasgow University, eating a bar of chocolate each day can lower a person's risk of suffering a stroke.

In the past there have been numerous studies which have found eating moderate levels of dark chocolate can be healthy, however, this is the first study to show the affect chocolate has on blood vessels.

Researchers measured the speed of blood passing through the largest artery in the brain while a participant laid down and ate chocolate. They found that the much loved treat increased blood flow and thus lowered the risk of a stroke.

"We think a reduction in stroke risk may be caused by chocolate changing how brain blood vessels behave," professor Matthew Walters, who led the study, told The Mail on Sunday.

However, Tom Solomon, professor of neurology at Liverpool University, said the findings should be taken with caution because while chocolate may be linked with antioxidantcs it also contains high levels of fat and sugar which can lead to obesity and increase the risk of a stroke.

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