Cherries 'lower heart risk'

Cherries 'lower heart risk'

Eating tart cherries could lower heart risk, according to new research, which could make older people less likely to need to find a care home.

Three studies carried out at the University of Michigan, the University of Arizon and Brunswick labs revealed that drinking eight ounces of cherry juice daily for four weeks reduced inflammation and cardiovascular risk in overweight adults.

Additionally, a cherry diet was found to lessen atherosclerosis and other heart disease risk. Mice eating cherry diets were seen to have a 65 per cent reduction in early death.

The benefits of consuming tart cherries could be a result of the combinations of powerful antioxidant compounds in the fruit.

In other news, blueberries could potentially be used to fight obesity, according to a study at Texas Women's University.

A high dose of blueberry polyphenols was associated with a 73 per cent reduction in lipids, with the lowest dose still resulting in a 27 per cent drop.

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