Cheques 'must still be accessible' for Britain's over-65s

Cheques 'must still be accessible' for Britain's over-65s

Banks and building societies are being urged to lay out exactly how they intend to ensure cheques remain widely available and accepted by those who rely on them.

Nearly three-quarters of those aged over-65 have used a cheque in the last 12 months, according to Age UK, which has called on lenders to explain how they intend to maintain accessibility.

Despite the decision by the UK's Payment Council to scrap its 2018 abolition date and commit to making cheques available for as long as they are needed, the charity is concerned that the future of this transaction method remains in jeopardy.

Age UK's main concern is that senior Britons rely heavily on cheques, while alternatives leave them exposed to a greater risk of theft or financial abuse.

Charity director Michelle Mitchell explained: "We need to know there are definite plans in place to restore trust in them.

"Otherwise, cheques will simply be allowed to wither away and their demise will be blamed on lack of demand."

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