Charity responds to Dignity in Care campaign

Charity responds to Dignity in Care campaign

A leading charity has congratulated Sir Michael Parkinson for his recent comments in relation to dignity in care.

The Alzheimer's Society has spoken highly of the former interviewer, stating that his ideal of dignity in care for older people, such as those with dementia, is a right and not a privilege.

It added that the government's Dignity in Care campaign is an "excellent" idea and Sir Michael Parkinson is flying the flag to see an end to impersonal care.

Andrew Ketteringham, the director of external affairs at the Alzheimer's Society, said: "Sir Michael's moving account will resonate with the millions of people in the UK who do, or have, cared for a person with dementia.

"We must all now work together to ensure the gold standard of care already demonstrated by many care providers is reached across the country."

Barchester Healthcare has been behind the campaign since its early inception and aims to deliver the best quality of personalised care across its specialised care homes.

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