Charity looking to empower 'dementia champions'

Charity looking to empower 'dementia champions'

A leading dementia charity is looking to train "dementia champions" to help reduce hospital admissions for older people.

Many older people with dementia can become disorientated and get lost when out on their own, before a concerned citizen rings the police, who will then pick up the person and take them to a local hospital - further adding to the individual's distress, the Lincolnshire Echo reports.

However, now the Alzheimer's Society's regional office in Lincolnshire is looking to train volunteers in small villages to recognise the signs of dementia, so that the person can be taken home rather than to hospital.

Alzheimer's Society area manager Ian Howarth told the publication: "It's about communities knowing it's dementia and not sending for the police.

"It's a no-cost initiative and would not work in cities, but for villages it would be ideal."

Research from the Alzheimer's Research Trust indicates that 163,000 new cases of dementia occur each year in England and Wales.

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