Charity criticises lack of multiple sclerosis nurses

Charity criticises lack of multiple sclerosis nurses

The lack of specialist multiple sclerosis nurses in the Croydon area has been branded a "disgrace" by a leading charity.

Despite being the largest London borough, NHS Croydon does not supply a full-time multiple sclerosis nurse, according to the Croydon Guardian.

The local branch of the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society even raised enough funds to pay for one themselves, but the health service would still not sanction the appointment.

Jo Robert of the charity said that just knowing that there is someone there to talk to can be a great help for people with the disease.

"We have evidence MS nurses save money for the NHS, we can put in money to help them get one for free. I don't know why there is this resistance from them," she told the publication.

MS is caused by damage to myelin, a protective sheath surrounding nerve fibres of the central nervous system, which results in the corruption of messages between the brain and the body.

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