Changes in brain blood flow do not affect MS severity

Changes in brain blood flow do not affect MS severity

A new study has flown in the face of existing multiple sclerosis (MS) research by claiming that changes in brain blood flow relating to vein abnormalities are not related to differing symptom severity in patients.

Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) it was observed that alterations in brain blood flow are not specific to MS.

Previously, it was believed that chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency - where blood flow is compromised in the veins and drained from the brain - was associated with MS.

There was much excitement that if this was confirmed MS could be treated with endovascular procedures, such as stent placement. However, the recent findings have slightly doused the flames of hope.

Nevertheless, it has shown the efficacy of MRI and its ability to shed further light on the development of MS.

This is vital for the UK, which has been identified as a high risk zone for the condition.

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