Chances of survival after a stroke have increased

Chances of survival after a stroke have increased

The chance of dying from a stroke has decreased over the last decade, according to recent figures.

An investigation by the Department of Health has revealed that the number of people dying from strokes has fallen by two-fifths since 1999.

Joe Korner, director of communications at the Stroke Association, stated: “Improvements in public health, such as pushing the anti-smoking message and tackling high blood pressure have been very significant in this.”

However, according to Mr Korner, the increased stroke survival rate means that the UK is now dealing with over a million people who are living with the after-effects of a stroke and need support and care.

Consequently, it is important for the government to investment in programmes that allow stroke survivors to access vital services after their experiences.

Continued treatment and care can also act as a form of prevention, in addition to helping patients adjust to life after a stroke.

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