Cell transplants could cut chronic pain

Cell transplants could cut chronic pain

A new study has brought scientists a step closer to relief for people with chronic pain.

Scientists from the University of California, San Francisco, found that cell transplantation may be the answer.

Working with mice and focusing on neuropathic pain, the team determined that cell therapy could reduce common and persistent pain.

However, it also found that it could cure the conditions that are the underlying cause for the pain in the first place.

"We are working toward the possibility of potential treatments that might eliminate the source of neuropathic pain, and that may be much more effective than drugs that aim only to treat symptomatically the pain," said Dr Allan Basbaum, chair of the Department of Anatomy at UCSF.

Further study is needed and the treatment is a long way from clinical trials, but if successful it would be a welcome relief for those with chronic pain or hypersensitivity for whom drugs are ineffective.

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