Cell response 'explains higher levels of hypertension in African-Americans'

Cell response 'explains higher levels of hypertension in African-Americans'

The reason African-Americans tend to have higher rates of hypertension could be due to differences in cell response, according to a new study which could have implications for those with the condition using home care.

In the study, published in journal Vascular Health and Risk Management, research tested the effects of an inflammation-causing protein on endothelial cells in both African-Americans and Caucasians.

Among African-American cells, a 90 per cent increase in the production of endothelial microparticles - released during inflammation - was observed.

This compares to just an eight per cent increase in their production among Caucasians.

"Knowing so early how inflammation can affect cells means we can be at a place to intervene before they go on to develop hypertension," said lead author Michael Brown.

In other news, Blood Pressure Association chairman Professor Graham MacGregor has said that one of the best ways to keep blood pressure low is to enjoy a diet low in salt.

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