Can you still boost your income after retirement?

Can you still boost your income after retirement?

Older adults due to enter, or already in, retirement will be concerned about their ability to finance their later life.

Covering the cost of care is one of the primary preoccupations facing many Britons and yesterday's (March 21st) Budget announcement may have done little to dispel the worry of many.

However, according to Rosie Staal, author of Earning Money After You've Retired, there are things you can do once you have finished work to top up your income.

One of the primary ways people earn money once they have retired from their job is to become self-employed.

"Think eBay vendor, car boot seller, online trader in stocks and shares, craft worker or artist, cake-maker, woodworker, computer troubleshooter - don't let age or inexperience be a bar to launching into a new way of life," Ms Staal said.

Moving into a smaller property is also an option, but must be carefully considered.

Older adults should ask themselves if moving is something they want to do, is a smaller space appropriate for their needs, and are they ready for the upheaval?

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