Can you help to reduce your prostate cancer risk?

Can you help to reduce your prostate cancer risk?

Some 10,721 men in the UK died from prostate cancer in 2010, highlighting the extent of the problem.

While there are no hard facts to prove certain lifestyle choices can reduce a person's risk of developing the disease, there are several things that people can do ensure their prostate is as healthy as possible.

According to Dr Ian Banks, president of the Men's Health Forum, one of the main things that can be done is to protect against prostatitis by avoiding trauma.

Cycling is one activity that puts the prostate under pressure and luckily there are specific saddles that can be used to mediate this, reducing risk somewhat.

Horseback riding can also cause trauma if done persistently, so it is important to think about the effects of sitting on a saddle for long periods of time.

Dr Banks also claims that diet can be a factor for prostate cancer, especially one that is rich in animal fats.

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