Can a broken heart protect you?

Can a broken heart protect you?

People under severe emotional stress often experience broken heart syndrome, which leads to heart failure in patients.

However, it has emerged that the process that causes the condition could be taking place as a way to protect the body.

According to researchers from Imperial College London, broken heart syndrome, medically referred to as Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, protects the heart from being overloaded with adrenaline.

The discovery was made in an animal study and showed that the body changes its response to adrenaline by preventing it from stimulating the heart through the reduction of its pumping power.

Researchers claim that broken heart syndrome is evidence of the way the body has evolved to protect itself from being over-stimulated by high doses of adrenaline during stressful times.

The findings are hoped to shed some light on the mystery of broken heart syndrome, which could enable scientists to find better treatment pathways for the condition.

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