Can art improve quality of life for dementia patients?

Can art improve quality of life for dementia patients?

Art may be the key to improving the quality of life of dementia patients, evidence from a new Lincoln trial suggests.

The Society for All Artists is running painting classes for older adults in the area that have dementia, and it has shown that the sessions are key to reducing dependence on drugs among patients, the Lincolnshire Echo reported.

Engaging with art allows older adults to keep their minds busy and express themselves. They can also create things to send to friends and family, which adds a personal touch to the project.

Studies have also previously advocated art to help dementia patients manage their condition.

The activity is especially beneficial if patients have specific memories of painting in the past.

Researchers claim that surrounding people with things from days gone by is a great way to trigger the memory function of dementia patients and get them talking about things they remember.

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