Campaign launched to fight mental health stigma in Wales

Campaign launched to fight mental health stigma in Wales

A national campaign to eradicate mental health stigma and discrimination in Wales was launched yesterday (February 21st).

Time to Change Wales is designed to put an end to the feelings of alienation felt by those with mental health problems.

For many, the stigma of mental health can be as harmful as the illness itself and being cut off from society can have a damaging effect on a person's recovery.

Kira Withers-Jones, a designer who is campaigning with Time to Change Wales, explained: "If people weren't afraid to ask for help in the first place they could recover quicker."

What's more, fewer people would feel the need to leave their jobs "because they can't cope" and there would be less people claiming disability allowance for depression.

The campaign follows the decision by the House of Lords to give mental health the same weighting as physical ailments through an amendment to the health and social care bill.

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